About Us

With the beginning of 2020 the company has decided to expand into online fashion retailing to reach as many female customers in Egypt & the Middle East aiming to be the biggest   
e-commerce platform with a main focus on dresses. 
Dress With Grace will be offering a huge selection of dresses catering to all body types, occasions, sizes, skin tones, ages, professions & lifestyles.
The brand stresses on the importance of inclusivity & acceptance with an aim to make every woman comfortable in her own skin.
We will always be here to help you Dress Confident, Dress with Grace.
Dress With Grace is one of the brands owned by Weaving Grace Company, launched in 2018 and specializing in high end evening and bridal wear, with a main flagship store in Zamalek, Egypt.
For more information regarding Weaving Grace please visit our website www.weaving-grace.com or our store.

Dress with Grace online platform features two main labels, its own label, Dress with Grace, featuring casual, office, party and cocktail dresses with a main focus on bigger sizes, maternity and modest selections. The online platform also offers evening wear by Weaving Grace.
Soon the website will start featuring further bestselling brands, both homegrown and worldwide.
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Brand Philosophy:
We’re here to empower all women to embrace their choices, embrace their bodies, dress confident, dress with Grace. Our brand was created for women to walk the street and own it.
We empower women to make their own choices, every day. Women of all ages, skin tones, body types, body sizes, hair color, complexions, professions, marital status, life style and ethnicities. For all women to Dress With Grace.

Our brand is:
  • Committed to offer a variety of prices, models, sizes.
  • Committed to offer good quality and service.
  • Committed to encourage inclusivity & acceptance by using a mix of professional models & real life people to feature the available items.
  • Committed to minimal use of editing & retouching of models to promote a healthy self image.

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Your feedback is important to us, please feel free to reach out to us on customer.service@dresswithgrace.com